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Achieve an optimum production process with Strauss lines


Our innovative and powerful lines enable you to sort, weigh and package your fruit and vegetables gently, precisely and efficiently. Our experienced employees are familiar with the diverse requirements of fruit and vegetable producers around the globe and will help you to find the best individual solution for your company’s automated processing process in partnership with you.

An extensive wealth of experience and innovation are brought to bear in developing the mechanical and electrical systems of our lines. The same care is used in their programming to ensure optimum results in tandem with state-of-the-art sorting, weighing and packaging technology for white, purple and green asparagus, apples, leeks and similar varieties of vegetables. This means that we can guarantee our customers the same level of quality that we expect from our own suppliers.

Contact us - we will be delighted to advise you on how we can optimise your production process together with you.



Asparagus processing

Green asparagus harvester, harvesting aid, sorting, weighing, packaging

Apple processing

Emptying, weighing, packaging

Leek processing

Weighing, packaging

Further lines

Rhubarb, courgettes, cucumbers/celery/similar vegetables

Joint success through partnership