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Tradition meets innovation

Since the company was founded in 1945, small machines for fruit cultivation have grown into modern processing lines for sorting, weighing and packaging apples, pears, white, purple and green asparagus, leeks and similar varieties of vegetables.

At our company, new machines are designed and manufactured and the existing machines are continuously evolved and adapted to meet new requirements with dedication, passion, technical expertise and experience.

Our drive to provide our customers with optimum support in their production process with efficient and ergonomic machines that are adapted to the product is reflected throughout the entire history of our company.


Expertise in fruit and vegetable processing

Strauss Verpackungsmaschinen is a leader in the development, design and production of sorting, weighing and packaging machines for fruit and vegetables.

In particular, the machines from our wide range of products can be used to process white, purple and green asparagus, leeks and celery, apples and pears, but can also be adapted to similar products.

Further automated processes on the weighing line

Strauss developed its placement system for asparagus and other varieties of vegetables on the weighing machine to market maturity. The fully automated system places product bundles produced by the weighing machine into the downstream packaging machine.

Asparagus weighing line with new control system

Strauss launched its weighing line with PLC control system onto the market.

First export to Australia

The first asparagus sorting line was shipped to Australia.
Strauss also developed its self-propelled asparagus harvesting aid to market maturity.

Expansion of the company’s premises

The production facility was enlarged by an additional hall with office tract covering an area of 1,450 m². Hence, state-of-the-art machines are produced on an area of 4,010 m².

Market launch of the asparagus harvesting aid

Strauss developed its drawn asparagus harvesting aid to market maturity. The first machine was shipped to the Czech Republic.

Construction of a new production hall

Strauss built a new, modern production hall with office complex covering a total of 2,600 m² a stone’s throw away from the old site in Buxtehude.

First export to South America

The first asparagus sorting line was shipped to Chile.

First export overseas

The first STRAUSS asparagus sorting, weighing and packaging lines were shipped to the USA in overseas containers.

First G series asparagus sorting lines

A visit by a customer from the USA inspired Strauss to reengineer its asparagus sorting machines from the S to the G series in four performance classes.

Processing of leeks

Strauss developed the first combination weighing machine with banderoling unit for processing leeks.

Processing of asparagus

Strauss developed the first prototypes of the S series asparagus sorting machines for white, purple and green asparagus.

Foundation of the GmbH

Jörn Strauß founded Strauss Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH.

Processing of apples

Strauss developed the first machines for precisely weighing and packaging apples. This marked the birth of the EW20 and TA10.


His son, Günter Strauß, expanded the existing company to cover the construction of packaging machines specifically for fruit and vegetable products.


Paul Strauß, grandfather of the present managing director Jörn Strauß, was involved in the manufacture of small machines for fruit production.