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Asparagus harvesting aid

Strauss offers solutions to make the employees’ work easier when harvesting on the field. They differ in terms of the size and type of their drive, but not as regards how they operate.

Using the STRAUSS harvesting aid significantly increases harvesting efficiency and simplifies the harvesting process, since avoidable work such as carrying crates filled with harvested goods as well as lifting and repositioning the cover on the asparagus beds is forgone. The work is carried out more precisely and accurately. Using the harvesting aid also makes the work more ergonomic and less tiring than in traditional harvesting. The quality of the product transported to the sorting hall is significantly increased thanks to preparatory processing of the asparagus on the field. The asparagus can be pre-cut on the field, and those stems that cannot be marketed can be sorted out, removing the need for further processing and storage. Immediate cleaning also prevents soiling from drying on the asparagus stems.