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Self-propelled harvesting aid

The self-propelled harvesting aid covers up to 14 asparagus mounded asparagus beds at the same time. When unfolded completely, it can span a width of up to 30 m. The arms are equipped with guides that lift the film and therefore create an obstacle-free workplace for the asparagus harvesters. The harvested asparagus is automatically transported via conveyors to the harvesting vehicle, where it is placed into asparagus crates by an employee and can be pre-sorted as regards major differences in diameter.

The vehicle can be optionally equipped with a cutting unit and a pre-washing facility to shorten the asparagus to the desired length and remove coarse dirt. To do this, the vehicle carries up to 450 litres of water along and recycles it. Immediately cleaning the freshly harvested asparagus requires far less water than washing it in the sorting hall, because the soil has not yet dried on the asparagus stems on the field.

The vehicles are available for both white and green asparagus, without cover guidance in the latter case.

At the end of the asparagus bed, the machine can be folded up and driven to the next mounded bed or by road to the next field.

  • Increased harvesting speed

  • Minimisation of staffing costs

  • Optional pre-washing, pre-cutting and pre-sorting — all directly on the field

  • Improved asparagus quality

  • High increase in efficiency

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