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Remote maintenance and remote maintenance program

Download remote maintenance program

Download remote maintenance program for Windows XP

Each STRAUSS machine offers the option of a remote maintenance access, via which you can allow our technicians to access the machine at any time. This access offers them virtually the same options as on the PC on site for

  • Service updates
  • Sorting adjustments
  • Fault diagnosis

In many cases, this enables us to support you remotely and very quickly, with the result that sending out a technician can possibly be forgone.

Comprehensive support for your investment

Our goal is for each customer to be wholeheartedly satisfied with their STRAUSS line. This is also the reason why our experienced staff are constantly evolving the mechanical and electrical systems of our machines and their programming in house and in cooperation with our customers.

Naturally, our service does not end once your new machine has been delivered and put into operation. Instead, we adapt the settings to your company’s requirements and train your employees ourselves in using the machine so that your production process undergoes the best possible optimisation thanks to the use of our line.

So that your machine can always perform to its full capacity, we recommend having it serviced regularly by our technicians.

If you have any questions, our expert service team is always happy to help you.

The team by your side

50 consulting, sales, design engineering, assembly, customer service and administration experts are available.

We will be happy to provide you with information by telephone.

Mon - Thur:08:00-17:00h
Fri: 08:00-15:45h

Tel.:       +49 (0)4161 74020

For our customers of the asparagus industry we offer an emergency hotline up to 24th June 2024 between 6 am and 10 pm:


+49 4161 7402 35


+49 4161 7402 38

Electro-technics :

+49 4161 7402 39



All machines are developed and assembled at our factory in Buxtehude. We purchase our components from German and European suppliers. This is how we ensure an unbroken supply chain.

Together with our logistics partners, we can transport our machines to almost any location in the world. Broken down into segments, the machines are transported to their final destination by truck or packaged in overseas containers.


We can develop bespoke solutions together with our consultants and design engineers. Feel free to contact us.