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2- or 4-lane fruit applicator FAL

The 2-lane and 4-lane STRAUSS fruit applicators are used to place the apples that have been weighed and counted by the EW20 to form precise packages onto fruit trays.

Each fruit applicator has two tray dispensers with storage units located above them; the fruit trays are automatically singled and fed to the applicator units from these. The packages of 4 – 8 apples produced by the EW20 are fed to the applicator stations via feed belts and transferred to the fruit trays running in parallel beneath the applicator unit. Setting the machine to the desired apple and tray size is simplicity itself. All fruit trays are transported into the downstream sealing or packaging machine via the outfeed system.

  • Optimum package weight with specified number of fruits

  • Gentle processing of the fruit thanks to optimum adaptability

  • Central operating unit for all processes

  • Food-compliant materials

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Output of 2-/4-lane FAL         up to 35/45 packages/min
Package sizes         4 - 8 apples
Packaging sizes L/W/H         135-300 / 135-170 / 25-40mm