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GUB Buncher

Bunch and label your asparagus or similar products with the globally unique technology of our GUB Buncher.

The GUB Buncher automates bunching with rubber bands and/or ElastiTags®. It can be used as a standalone solution or in addition to our sorting and weighing lines.

The bunch units are placed directly into the product trays of the GUB Buncher’s infeed section and are then transported into the bunching unit. Two special rubber band applicators with gripper arms for applying rubber bands are located here on both sides of the GUB Buncher. Optionally, a rubber band with an ElastiTag® can be applied on one side or printed labels can be applied around the rubber band using a label applicator. The bunched units can then be removed from the removal belt and further processed.

Additional printers can be used to print the ElastiTag® with your company logo as well as certain product information.


  • No damage to the product due to rubber bands
  • Attractive product design due to printed labels or tags (ElastiTag®)
  • Globally unique device
  • Various product trays available (250 g, 500 g or 1,000 g)
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Binding material

ElastiTag® from the spool and/or rubber band from the tube


GUB14 (2 bunching heads per side): approx. 45 units/min