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Knot bag line

The knot bag filler can be connected to our individual fruit weighing line (EW20) and enables gentle packaging of weighed and counted apples into bags that can be manually sealed by means of a knot.

The bags to be filled are hung manually beneath the filling hopper and the filling process is then started by pushing the button. The desired quantity of apples is transferred by the EW20 to the knot bag line via four lanes and conveyed into the bag through the filling hopper with the aid of a wave-shaped belt. A lowering device beneath the bag ensures that the apples are processed gently. The bags are then removed and knotted by hand. An outfeed belt transports the filled bags to the next processing station.

This knot bag filler offers space for two employees at its filling stations. This enables up to 20 bags per minute to be filled with weighed apples and sealed. Typical package weights lie in the 1 to 3 kg range.

  • Optimum package weight thanks to weighed / counted apples

  • Particularly gentle filling thanks to lowering the apples into the bags

  • Packaging alternative to sealed bags

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