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Automatic sealer for bags TA10

The Strauss TA10 automatic bag sealer for gently filling and sealing PE bags weighing up to 3 kg is the optimum addition to the EW20 individual fruit weighing line.

The packages transferred from the EW20 to the TA10 are guided gently into the bags via a double lowering device. Different bags are guided from a reel into the TA10 and can be printed with information such as the EAN code, the batch number and additional data prior to filling using a connected printer. The bags are sealed using a sealing mechanism or further sealing units that can be coupled to the TA10.

  • Unparalleled gentle handling of the fruit

  • Extremely simple handling

  • Optional bag printing

  • Sealing, taping, KwickLock

  • Food-compliant materials

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Performanceup to 25 packages/min
Weight range500g - 3,000g


The taper can be used to seal the PE bags that have been filled in the TA10 with an adhesive tape.

The taper can be coupled to the TA10 as an extension to seal bags weighing up to 1.5 kg with an adhesive tape and to discharge them.

Technische Daten:

Performanceup to 25 packages/min
Weight range500g - 1,500g